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Nowhere by Michel Rajkovic

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Solitude is a funny thing. It can either make you feel alone or it can give you strength and a needed break. This series, entitled Nowhere by Michel Rajkovic perfectly captures this state of solitude. Each photo brings you into a world void of everything but the subject in focus. The use of black and white helps accentuate the subject and make everything around it seem barren.

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Interesting Photography by Kevin Saint Grey (primer)

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bird on a wire

I absolutely love the photography of Kevin Saint Grey. These are the most "interesting" photos according to Flickr. His user name there is primer. He has a great eye for minimalist, abstract, and black and white photos. Many of these would make fantastic prints.


the human gene resequencerthe human gene resequencer

superman threading the needlesuperman threading the needle

evaporate into infinityevaporate into infinity


study 001study 001

tall buildings shaketall buildings shake


this bleeding citythis bleeding city

The Hummingbird (Pete Turner emulation)The Hummingbird (Pete Turner emulation)

throw Alderman out of the corner office windowthrow Alderman out of the corner office window

doing linesdoing lines

the eye is the soul to the windowsthe eye is the soul to the windows

black lines (don’t do it)black lines (don’t do it)

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Black and White Foggy Day Photography in New York City by Kevin Chung

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I took these photos on a recent trip to New York City. They were taken from the top of the Empire State Building. It was a foggy day, and thought the photos might be a wash. But I turned them all into black and white photos and thought they were much better than the originals.It just goes to show you shouldn't give up on a project until you've reviewed every possible angle.
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