Beautiful Landscape and Urban Photography by Jens Fersterra

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Jens Fersterra has an impressive eye for photography. Every photo makes me want to jump in and start exploring. He doesn't just capture a scene, he gives each one a life of its own.

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Beautiful Photographic Work by Dominic Kamp

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For being a finance student, Dominic Kamp has an amazing eye for photography. HIs shots are very colorful, have great compositions, and always capture an interesting subject. There's also quite a few digital art works in his repetoire. If you like his photos, you can download quite a few as wallpapers.

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Black and White Foggy Day Photography in New York City by Kevin Chung

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I took these photos on a recent trip to New York City. They were taken from the top of the Empire State Building. It was a foggy day, and thought the photos might be a wash. But I turned them all into black and white photos and thought they were much better than the originals.It just goes to show you shouldn't give up on a project until you've reviewed every possible angle.
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