Wacky Fashion Shoe Illustrations by Achraf Amiri

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Achraf Amiri is the creative mastermind behind these very interesting illustrations of fashion designer shoes. He is a freelance art director and graphic designer based in Brussels, Belgium. When most people think of high end fashion, they probably wouldn't imagine these illustrations. Achraf has created his own niche in eclectic unconventional fashion illustrations.

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The Alphabet Series by Drew Europeo

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The Alphabet Series is a part of Drew Europeo's 365 Days Projects. She wonderfully mixes lines, shapes and color to create different letters of the alphabet. Each one has a unique look but fits well inside the series. She also has a project that explores lines and geometry and a project that explores pen and markers as part of the 365 Days Projects. You can check those out and other non-commercial works at Grafikas. She also has a site for commercial work, a Twitter, and a Facebook accounts.

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