Magical Fantasy Worlds by Manuel Sánchez

These magical fantasy worlds are the creative work of Manuel Rodríguez Sánchez. Manuel skillfully crafts his worlds, making great use of clouds, textures and contrast. I just want to jump in and explore. If you like these, check out the similar stories below.

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Digital Art by Karol Kolodzinski

Karol Kolodzinski is an extremely talented digital artist, illustrater and art director based out of Warsaw, Poland. She's worked on some very impressive clients such as Avatar the Game, Nike, Bacardi and more. Her work is also wide ranging from ads, to websites, to illustrations and motion capture movies. Check out more of her impressive work on Behance.

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Sumeru by Nick Pedersen

Nick Pedersen's Sumeru is an amazing series depicting the road to becoming a Zen Master. Each illustration has intricate details and sharp contrasts that draw you into the Zen Master's journey. You can see more illustrations and info about this series at Nick's site.

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Digital Art by Erik Schumacher

Erik Schumacher (kire1987 on Deviant Art) is a German student studying physics, but in my opinion, he should stick to art. He definitely has some impressive work and is part of the distinguished Depthcore art collective. There is a distinct style to his work, but his techniques don't feel overused. Check out some more of his work on Deviant Art.

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Pictures That Tell a Story by Matt Sartain

Matt Sartain is a San Francisco based photographer whose work is inspired by his love for storytelling. He concepts, shoots and style his own work, which has appeared in the New York Times Magazine and PDN. You can see how he created the image above on his blog.

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