Photo Opportunities by Corinne Vionnet

This has been making its way around the internet for a while, but I thought I'd share it with those who haven't see it yet. To create these pictures Corinne Vionnet compiled thousands of photos of tourist destinations into single images. It's interesting to see how most of the photos have such strongly defined structures. It suggests that most people are taking a very similar picture of the same structure. Overall, a very cool and interesting project.

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Pretty Girls by Fran Dominguez

Fran Dominguez is an Edification Engineering student from Sevilla Spain.

"I just try to make girls I shoot with feel as special as I think they are."

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Levitation Photos by Natsumi Hayashi

How many things can you do effortlessly in 10 seconds or less? That's the amount of time it takes Natsumi Hayashi, aka Yowayowa camera woman, to set up these amazing levitation self portraits. Natsumi uses nothing but 10-second timer and a tripod to set up these awesome and fun photos. She makes it seem as if levitating were effortless and a part of everyday life.

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Creative Portraits of a Daughter by Nagano Toyokazu

Nagano Toyokazu is the photographer behind these wonderfully creative photos of his daughter. First he comes up with a creative idea, then has his daughter act it out in front of the camera to create some adorable scenes. He is shooting this series to so his daughters have fond memories when they grow up. Not only that, but he loves sharing his photos with others. "I hope that the photos I take will continue to make people from around the world smile and make them happy."

If you like these don't forget to check out World’s Best Father by Dave Engledow and When My Baby Dreams Great Fan Art Competition.

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Heaven and Hell by Jason Poturica

This is one of those photos that makes you go "Wow". It's moments like this that you realize the beauty in life. It was shot by Jason Poturica in a weekend trip to Turtle Mountain.

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Futuristic City by Alisdair Miller

These shots by Alisdair Miller make Dubai look like a city of the future. Tall buildings, flashing lights and futuristic forms are the norm. Each one looks like it was plucked straight out of a sci-fi film. If you like these, you'll love his portfolio. It's a treasure trove of great architectural photography.

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Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman. That is all.

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Coney Island NYC by Matt Mawson

Matt Mawson does a fantastic job capturing Coney Island, New York CIty's perfect escape for children and families. I love the choice of color and saturation in these photos. It's not quite the bright and shiny colorful escape you would use to higlight a place, but it works well in this series.

Matt on this project:

"I really don't know what to say in that time was quite tight when I went there on a really hot day last summer and the method of picture taking is generally the same whatever I do. I come from a photo-journalist background so I shoot quite rapidly darting from one place to another shooting whenever an opportunity presents itself which sometimes means shooting from the hip as it were. I am always on the lookout for a person wandering into a scene that may catch my eye and sometimes hoping for an unexpected moment or a happy accident and I sometimes place myself somewhere graphically pleasing expecting something to happen. The images taken of Coney Island funfair from the subway were shot from the hip at speed as I saw the scene flash passed and was lucky they worked, But I suppose long experience working in some dangerous places means you have to kind of see things out the corner of your eye and react. So many images have been shot at Coney Island so you have to try and do something different otherwise why bother.  

Coney Island, to me, suggests a kind of down at heal location and colourless but fascinating all the same as it has been alluded to in so many songs and images so in post production I de-saturated the images a bit and added a fair amount of contrast an added a slight sepia tone to the shadows until I got what you see. I used there a Canon 5d2 and a bit of fill-flash from a small Canon speedlight, forgotten the name but the smallest they do."


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Astonishing Photos of Winter by Elena Shumilova

Elena Shumilova is an incredibly talented photographer who knows all the right ingredients for taking a beautiful photo. Her winter photos perfectly capture innocence, youth and wonder. Check out more of her fantastic photos on 500px.

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Overseas and Overwhelmed on Pictory

The following photos are part of Pictory Magazine's Overseas and Overwhelmed story. Each photo represents a time when the picture taker was experiencing culture shock in a foreign land, and is accompanied by great stories that explain the photos. Below, you'll find some of my favorites.

Bright Lights, Ancient City by Matt Nuzzaco - Matt Nuzzco's photo features an alleyway in Orvieto, Italy where he contemplates the age and character on a town that "predates the Roman Empire".

A sleeping carpet saleman in busy Morocco.

Vivid Dreams by Kevin Meredith - In this photo, Meredith captures a sleeping carpet salesman in Marrakesh, Morocco among a sea of agressive salesman.

Children playing soccer in the ancient Mayan city of Tulum, Mexico.For the Win by Michael O'Neal - O'Neal took this photo in the ancient Mayan city of Tulum,Mexico where the children stopped for a minute to stare at him before resuming their game.

This photo features a fish sashimi dish where the fish was still half alive.Eaten Alive by Juliette Melton - This photo has a truly shocking story. Juliette's fish dish above was caught from a tank right next to the table. It was then prepared into sashimi with the half alive fish sitting along side the meal.

This photo from London features many of the distinctive features of the famous city.London Calling by Tom Watson - Tom Watson's photo of London captures most of the distinctive icons of the city.

A surprising scene in the streets of Pushkar, India.In Living Color by Adam Rose - While visiting India, Adam Rose faced the blunt realities of the country. He saw some surprising scenes including this one in the city of Pushkar,India.

If you enjoyed these photos and short accompanying descriptions, I highly recommend reading all the stories at Pictory Magazine.

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