Epic Landscape Photography by Jim Richardson

Jim Richardson is an editorial and documentary photographer who has been working for National Geographic for 25 years. His work documents cultures, environmental issues, and documentary projects. Here's a small sample of his work. Each one makes you feel like you are in a still frame from an epic tale.

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Beautiful Landscapes by Nina Bradica

Nina Bradica's work features some vibrant colors and wonderful landscapes. A few of them even look like scenes from a dream. You can check out more of her work on Flickr.

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Bold Landscapes by Xavier Jamonet

Xavier Jamonet is a photographer from Southeatern France. His style features bold saturated colors, high contrasts and a crisp/clear look. I hope he continues to travel and show us the great landscapes Earth has to offer.

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Serene Double Exposure Photography by Oliver Morris

Oliver Morris masterfully blends photos of women with beautiful shots of nature to create some great double exposures. His subjects look like they are completely in touch with nature. It almost makes me want to go outside, haha.

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The Mountain by Terje Sorgjerd

Terje Sorgjerd's time lapse video at the top of El Teide, Spain's tallest mountain, is truly a thing of magic. His goal was to capture the Milky Way and the mountains of El Teide, and he did an amazing job of it. I love every second of this video.

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