Future City Collage by sparktography

This is a pretty cool photo collage turned into one image by sparktography on Flickr. To create this image, he blended parts of seven different photos from his overpass series. Here is how he explains the image creation:

"The result of a few hours in Photoshop tonight playing with a number of different shots I took from my overpass series. I focused on trying to blend and remix them into something entirely new. At this point it's much more of a creation than a photograph.

Some shots taken with a 28-135mm IS lens, and some taken with a Lensbaby 3G. This is actually the result of 7 separate photos with multiple parts per photo taken and remixed together in new ways. I'm coming to love grungy brushes for work like this - so much control and being able to keep various layers of grunge for an image and tweak and blend it into the final image is very rewarding.

I find it really interesting that a photo shoot spanning a week and involving 4 separate treks to the overpass could culminate in a single image like this."

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